Asphalt Installation

Pave the Way to Success for Your Business

When it comes time to pave your property, whether that’s a commercial business or a residential home, asphalt installation is an important step. It can be scary to find the right paving contractor, though. New Jersey property owners need the most reputable asphalt installation for a driveway, parking lot, or roadway that will stand the test of time.

Unlimited Contracting: New Jersey’s Asphalt Installation Experts

Make Unlimited Contracting LLC your #1 choice for asphalt paving services in Brick NJ, Toms River NJ, and Colts Neck NJ. We serve New Jersey business owners, manufacturing and industrial companies, apartment complexes, home owners associations, property management companies, and residential property owners.

Qualities of Superior Asphalt Installation

For the highest quality asphalt paving services, your local asphalt company needs to follow certain protocols. Let’s look at how to get long-lasting asphalt pavement.

The Asphalt Installation Process, Step by Step

  1. First, the land needs to be prepared for asphalt paving. This includes grubbing, or removing vegetation, demolition of any existing construction, and removal of debris.
  2. Next, the soil underneath the pavement needs to be compacted to take the weight of asphalt and vehicles as well as graded to provide the right slope for correct drainage.
  3. Paving contractors install a sub-base layer made of crushed rock, gravel, and recycled asphalt. This aggregate base layer is also compacted and graded.
  4. Next, a binder layer of asphalt is laid down, compacted with rolling machines, and graded. This asphalt usually contains larger types of aggregate than the surface layer.
  5. The new asphalt surface is installed and rolled smooth. This top layer uses specialized asphalt binders and fine aggregates to create a top layer with that dark black roadway look.

Asphalt Finishing Services

  • Sealcoating protects asphalt pavement with a thin layer of plastics and asphalt binders.
  • Line striping creates parking stalls, traffic lanes, no parking zones, and other things that make a parking lot more than just pavement.
  • Concrete edging or curbs can finish off driveways and roadways, while concrete ramps and transitions connect new asphalt to existing pavement.

Find a Local Asphalt Paving Company with Experience

For over a decade, we’ve paved smooth, long-lasting asphalt surfaces for homeowners and business owners all around the Garden State, and all our asphalt paving contractors have years of experience with paving in all kinds of conditions. For NJ property owners concerned about getting the best asphalt installation out there, Unlimited Contracting is the right choice.

Contact the Unlimited Contracted paving experts for more information about asphalt installation on your New Jersey property.

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