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Throughout the years, Unlimited Contracting LLC has established itself as Manalapan Township NJ’s most reputable asphalt paving and pavement repair experts. With the highest levels of paving workmanship, we have been professionally installing, repairing, and maintaining both driveways and parking lots in New Jersey for more than a decade. Whether you need a full service parking lot installation or driveway maintenance, we’re here for you

Best Asphalt Paving Services in Manalapan Township NJ

Lay the Groundwork With a Professional Team
  • We’ve been in business for more than a decade with our owner on-site at every job to provide personalized customer service.
  • Our paving team members are licensed and insured professionals, guaranteeing that you’ll get high-quality service and quality pavement results for an affordable price.
  • We work hard to bring complete satisfaction to every single paving project, and we provide guarantees of service, as a job done right is a job well done.

All about Manalapan Township NJ

A township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Manalapan Township is located centrally within the Raritan Valley region and is part of the New York City Metropolitan area, though it is its own unique community with its own history. According to the US Census Bureau, the community had a population of 38,872 in 2010, which showed growth since the turn of the century. The name of the township comes from the Lenape language, meaning either “land of good bread”, “good bread”, or “good land to settle upon”. This was certainly true for early settlers, and modern residents as well!

The town has a lot of beautiful natural features as well as historic buildings for visitors to explore. Princeton University is nearby, a good place to take in some art at their museum or participate in other local events. A number of farms are also here, such as the Pleasant Valley Lavender farm where you pick your own lavender and other fragrant plants. Multiple escape rooms and year-round haunted houses are a part of the local culture, providing fun for the entire family!

Pavement Maintenance: Services and Damage

Curious how to extend the life of your pavement? Maintenance services target damage types that affect your asphalt pavement. A reputable local paving company has all these services, and they’re happy to help their customers with ongoing pavement maintenance services.

Unlimited Contracting, Manalapan Township NJ’s Trusted Pavement Maintenance Contractors

Unlimited Contracting, Manalapan Township NJ’s most reputable paving company, is dedicated to our local customers throughout the life of their pavement. We can install a beautiful and stable parking lot, but we will also help our customers maintain their commercial pavement with a variety of restorative and protective asphalt maintenance services.

Pavement Maintenance Services & Asphalt Damage

Here’s how different asphalt maintenance services address types of pavement damage.

  • Crack Filling – Asphalt cracks form when temperature changes and the weight of vehicles causes shifting in the asphalt layers. Crack filling or sealing services, considered a minor pavement repair service, counts as preventative maintenance because fixing smaller, more shallow cracks prevents them from becoming larger.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating – Unsealed pavement is subject to damage from oxygen and UV rays that break down the pavement, as well as water that can cause more breakdown especially when it freezes. Sealcoating is a common asphalt maintenance service that provides a layer of protection from damage like oxidation, UV ray damage, and water penetration.
  • Line Striping – Over time, tires and weather can also wear away traffic paint, leaving parking stalls and traffic symbols faded. This can be very dangerous for drivers and property owners, so getting your pavement repainted regularly is recommended by asphalt experts.

Want to repair and protect your New Jersey pavement? Contact Unlimited Contracting for the best pavement maintenance services in Manalapan Township NJ.

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