Parking Lot Repair

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As people pull into the parking lot of your business, they don’t want to dodge potholes and deal with cracked, worn-down sidewalks. In Ocean County and Monmouth County, Unlimited Contracting LLC is the most reputable asphalt paving company for parking lot repairs that can get your commercial pavement looking good in no time, extending its life and making your visitors happy for decades.

Parking Lot Repair or Pavement Replacement: Which is best?

If your parking lot has problems like cracking, potholes, or deterioration, parking lot repairs need to be performed before the damage worsens. When damage gets through the top layers of asphalt into the base layer, that’s when a full asphalt replacement needs to be done. Repaving is an expensive proposition, as the existing parking lot needs to be completely demolished, removed, and then new full-depth asphalt installed. To avoid this, quality parking lot repairs are vital.

Our Parking Lot Repair Services

Here’s our asphalt repair services, designed to address different types of pavement damage, ranked from least to most serious damage.

  • Crack Sealing

    This repair uses high quality asphalt fillers to fill in and seal over cracks in your parking lot so they don’t lead to pavement deterioration.

  • Pothole Repairs

    This repair process involves completely removing broken asphalt and debris, treating the edges with asphalt binders, filling the pothole with new asphalt, then compacting it to match the rest of the pavement.

  • Asphalt Patching

    For multiple areas where pavement is deteriorated, asphalt patching is a useful repair. Professional paving contractors cut away the damaged asphalt using specialized saws, break up all the pavement even more, and then remove it all down to the base layer. If that needs repairs, they do that, then fill it in with fresh pavement.

Unlimited Contracting: NJ’s Parking Lot Repair Company

These aren’t our only repair services! We can fix whatever problems your commercial lot is suffering from. We’ve been paving parking lots, roadways, driveways, and more in and around Monmouth County New Jersey for years.

See the Unlimited Contracting difference! Contact us for the best parking lot repair services in the area.

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