Asphalt Patching

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What do you do when your parking lot or driveway has damage but you don’t have the budget to completely repave? This is when your professional asphalt paving contractors can help. Services like asphalt patching can save just the parts of your pavement that need repairs, extending its life and saving money.

Unlimited Contracting: New Jersey’s Trusted Paving Company for Quality Asphalt Repairs

With years of experience in parking lot repairs in Monmouth County and Ocean County New Jersey, Unlimited Contracting have become the area’s trusted paving professionals. We’ll work closely with business owners, HOA representatives, property management firms, and homeowners to determine the best course of action for your pavement repairs.

Everything NJ Property Owners Need to Know About Asphalt Patching

There are different types of patching depending on the parking lot damage. Patching can be performed on only top layers of asphalt or down to the base layer, called full-depth patching.

The Asphalt Patching Process

  • First, the damaged area is cut away using specialized pavement cutters and the pavement inside broken up.
  • Then, the broken asphalt is removed. It’s often recycled into new paving projects, making asphalt eco-friendly!
  • Base layer repairs are performed if necessary, including drainage correction. The raw edges of the pavement are treated with binders.
  • New asphalt is poured into the excavated area, compacted, and the process is completed until the patched area matches surrounding pavement.

Benefits Asphalt Patching Repairs

  • Corrects parking lot damage like deep potholes or areas of deteriorated pavement
  • Costs less than full pavement replacement or asphalt milling and resurfacing
  • Provides a smooth transition between old and new pavement
  • Permanently repairs issues instead of just a temporary fix

Contact the parking lot repair experts at Unlimited Contracting if you think your pavement can benefit from asphalt patching. Don’t let pavement damage get worse! Call us today!

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