Pothole Repairs

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Potholes are dangerous for all drivers, whether they’re on a parking lot or a driveway, and professional pothole repairs are necessary to get a permanent fix to keep visitors safe. To get these asphalt repair services, property owners need the help of their local paving company.

New Jersey’s Trusted Company for Pothole Repairs is Unlimited Contracting!

At Unlimited Contracting, we have years of experience with parking lot paving in and around Monmouth County NJ, so we understand the needs of New Jersey property owners. We’ll repair commercial parking lots, subdivisions, roadways, industrial pavement, and driveways. We can tackle your potholes or deteriorated asphalt with the latest asphalt repair methods, including state of the art asphalt repairs.

Pothole Repair Avoids More Costly Repairs

What causes potholes?

The leading cause of most pavement problems, including potholes, is water penetration. Water seeps into small asphalt cracks, puddling underneath the layers of asphalt and getting between asphalt binders and aggregates. When temperatures drop, this water freezes and expands, pushing apart the asphalt. When it warms up, this water flows away, leaving the asphalt broken all the way through the pavement, creating a deep hole.

Steps to Quality Pothole Repair

  • First, experienced paving contractors completely clean out the pothole, removing broken pavement as well as debris and dirt that got pressed into the pothole by tires.
  • Once they uncover the gravel base layer, repairs can be made to that layer to improve drainage.
  • Next, they use only the highest quality commercial asphalt products to replace the lost asphalt pavement, overfilling the hole. Using specialized parking lot paving equipment, they roll over the new asphalt to compact it down into the pothole.
  • Finally, once the new asphalt matches the level of existing pavement, a sealcoating or overlay can protect the area from further water damage.

Get permanent pothole repairs from Monmouth County NJ’s trusted pothole repair company, Unlimited Contracting. Contact us right away!

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