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Is your pavement starting to show its age? Is it gray, cracking, and flaking? You need pavement maintenance and replenishment services from your trusted local paving company. In New Jersey, Unlimited Contracting is that trusted paving company for all services related to damaged pavement. We have the experience and knowledge to take care of your pavement assets. Let’s look at how.

What are Pavement Maintenance Services?

At Unlimited Contracting, we offer a range of services to restore and protect both parking lots and driveways, including:

  • Sealcoating
  • Crack sealing
  • Resurfacing
  • Snow removal
  • Pavement sweeping

Benefits of Pavement Maintenance

  • Increase Curb Appeal

    Who’s impressed by a parking lot that’s deteriorating? Who wants to buy a house with a cracked driveway? This is where pavement maintenance services come into play. Sealcoating can restore the dark black look of new asphalt, increasing your curb appeal and property values too.

  • Prevent Common Pavement Problems

    Many asphalt problems are caused by things like water, sun, and wear. Maintenance services are designed to protect against these conditions. For example, water can soak into pavement and cause or widen cracks, but crack filling stops that in its tracks. A sealcoating also seals over asphalt to prevent water penetration as well as UV rays and oxidation, which contribute to surface deterioration.

  • Get the Most Value

    It’s a fact that asphalt repair services are expensive, and a full pavement repaving is definitely expensive. What can you do to prevent these things? Cheaper pavement maintenance services. When you spend a little money more often to keep your parking lot or driveway in good repair, you can avoid major pavement damage that requires a major investment to fix.

Unlimited Contracting: New Jersey’s Pavement Maintenance Company

No matter how the years have treated your pavement, our professional paving crew can get it back to its glory days. Unlimited Contracting has established itself as the leaders in pavement maintenance by always working with integrity, and we’ll bring that quality workmanship to your parking lot maintenance.

To start a relationship with us to keep your commercial parking lot beautiful for decades, contact an Unlimited Contracting parking lot expert today!

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