New Leveled Sport Court and Driveway Paving in Rumson NJ

New Jersey property owners may know that their local paving company can pave asphalt driveways, but many don’t know that they can also install sport courts, parking areas, and other types of residential pavement. As the most experienced and trusted residential paving company in Rumson NJ, Unlimited Contracting was happy to show what we can do on some new construction.

The owners of the property needed an asphalt driveway and a small parking area, and they also wanted a paved basketball court. Asphalt may not be the first paving material most homeowners consider, but it’s perfect for all three constructions. Asphalt driveways are economical to install and provide excellent curb appeal, especially with decorative edging. Like a commercial asphalt parking lot, a residential parking area is durable and low maintenance. And when it comes to sports courts, asphalt is the best paving material because it is smooth and also has traction. Being a petroleum product, asphalt is also flexible, making it easier for athletes when jumping or running.

Once their home was built, the residential property owners called Unlimited Contracting for this residential paving project. We quickly got out to the property. First, we professionally leveled the area so that the basketball court would be perfectly smooth and level. Next, we installed the asphalt driveway, parking area, and basketball court, adding a Belgium block border.

The homeowners loved their new asphalt and were impressed at how level the basketball court was. The ball doesn’t even roll away! If you’re thinking about installing an asphalt driveway or sport court, contact Unlimited Contracting today!

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