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Lay the Groundwork With a Professional Team

New Leveled Sport Court and Driveway Paving in Rumson NJ

New Jersey property owners may know that their local paving company can pave asphalt driveways, but many don’t know that they can also install sport courts, parking areas, and other types of residential pavement. As the most experienced and trusted residential paving company in Rumson NJ, Unlimited Contracting was happy to show what we can do on some new construction.

The owners of the property needed an asphalt driveway and a small parking area, and they also wanted a paved basketball court. Asphalt may not be the first paving material most homeowners consider, but it’s perfect for all three constructions. Asphalt driveways are economical to install and provide excellent curb appeal, especially with decorative edging. Like a commercial asphalt parking lot, a residential parking area is durable and low maintenance. And when it comes to sports courts, asphalt is the best paving material because it is smooth and also has traction. Being a petroleum product, asphalt is also flexible, making it easier for athletes when jumping or running.

Once their home was built, the residential property owners called Unlimited Contracting for this residential paving project. We quickly got out to the property. First, we professionally leveled the area so that the basketball court would be perfectly smooth and level. Next, we installed the asphalt driveway, parking area, and basketball court, adding a Belgium block border.

The homeowners loved their new asphalt and were impressed at how level the basketball court was. The ball doesn’t even roll away! If you’re thinking about installing an asphalt driveway or sport court, contact Unlimited Contracting today!

Replacement of Asphalt Driveway in Jackson NJ

Homeowners may be nervous about hiring a paving contractor when it comes time to replace their driveway, but the most reputable asphalt paving company in their area will be happy to help. For the best driveway paving services in Jackson NJ, Unlimited Contracting is this reputable paving contractor. We have years of experience with all types of residential paving services ranging from asphalt driveway installation to decorative paving, and we were happy to put these skills to use for a homeowner in Jackson NJ.

Their existing driveway was old, which means it had cracked due to weathering. This is common when asphalt has been exposed to moisture and temperature changes that come as the seasons change. These conditions weaken asphalt, allowing moisture penetration, which leads to cracking and deterioration. The Jackson NJ homeowners were unhappy with how narrow their old driveway was, anyway, and the Unlimited Contracting crew knew just what to do to give them the asphalt driveway of their dreams.

As soon as we could, we go out to the residential property to start the residential paving process. The first thing we had to do was prepare the land for paving, which involves excavating and then grading the area so that their new driveway wouldn’t suffer from water damage. Next, we installed the new, wider driveway, making sure that it was well-draining and looked neat where it met the sidewalk. We also installed a border of decorative paving blocks.

The customer was very happy with their new asphalt driveway with a decorative border! If you’re thinking about getting a new driveway, contact Unlimited Contracting today!

New Asphalt Driveway Paving in Freehold NJ

In Freehold NJ, Unlimited Contracting is the paving company that’s most trusted by residential homeowners. Our professional paving contractors care about our neighbors in communities like Freehold NJ, so we strive to pave all driveways with the highest quality asphalt using the latest paving techniques and state of the art equipment.

We recently showed this workmanship to a homeowner in Freehold NJ. They’d seen our trucks doing work around the neighborhood, liked the asphalt driveways and parking areas they saw, and gave our office a call. One of our residential asphalt experts got out to their property right away to see what we could do for them. The assessor noted that the level of the street was higher than the level of the house and garage, contributing to drainage issues.

Their existing driveway wasn’t graded properly, so water was standing on the asphalt and even draining towards their house! This could damage their foundation, so it was important to correct this drainage issue. Our expert paving contractors knew just what to do. We graded the driveway area so that the center was higher and pitched so that water ran off the sides, ensuring that their garage would stay dry. Then we applied commercial-grade asphalt to make their driveway and a small parking area.

Our Freehold NJ homeowner was thrilled with their new asphalt driveway and relieved they hired Unlimited Contracting because they fixed their drainage issues as well as installed a beautiful new driveway.

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner dealing with residential drainage issues or need a new driveway, call Unlimited Contracting today!



Is your driveway too old for an overlay?

An asphalt overlay can be a very cost effective, permanent fix for a broken asphalt driveway, but it can’t be used all the time in every circumstance. Overlays also must be performed by a residential paving company with a good reputation in your local area.

Unlimited Contracting, Keansburg NJ’s trusted asphalt driveway paving company, has the right residential paving services to keep your driveway looking good for years, and this includes asphalt overlay. Let us help you understand how this cost effective residential asphalt service can save your pavement.

What is an asphalt overlay?

This refers to a specific type of pavement repair where fresh asphalt is poured over an existing asphalt surface in a layer between 1 and 2 inches thick, creating a fresh, undamaged top layer that can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance. The existing driveway is usually sand blasted or cleaned to prepare the surface for a new layer of asphalt.

Is your driveway too old for an overlay?

Age is one factor that can affect whether or not this driveway repair service will work. Older asphalt has likely been repaired or even resurfaced before, and these repairs can “reflect” or show through the new layer.

What are some alternatives to overlay services?

If the base layer of the asphalt is still structurally sound, then there are other repair services that can restore pavement, including:

  • Asphalt milling
  • Asphalt patching
  • Slurry sealing or chip sealing
  • Pavement demolition and repaving

Unlimited Contracting, Keansburg NJ’s Asphalt Overlay Experts

As a family owned and operated asphalt company home grown in the Raritan Valley, Unlimited Contracting is dedicated to serving local homeowners with the most efficient and cost effective asphalt driveway repair services.

Don’t suffer from a damaged asphalt driveway! Contact the residential asphalt experts at Unlimited Contracting today for your free inspection!

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