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Sealcoat vs Slurrycoat

If your asphalt in Howell Township NJ has suffered from surface damage like alligator cracking or deterioration, an asphalt sealcoating or slurry coating can make the difference. These two asphalt repair services can fully restore the look and integrity of your asphalt pavement, but it can be hard for laymen to understand the difference. Let your local asphalt paving company help!

To get the most effective slurry coating or sealcoating, you need asphalt repair services from the most reputable paving company in your area. In Howell Township NJ, Unlimited Contracting LLC is that paving company. Let us go through the two types of asphalt repair, sealcoating and slurry coating, so you are more informed when it’s time to restore your parking lot or driveway.

The Differences Between Sealcoating & Slurry Coating

Asphalt Sealcoating

An asphalt sealcoat is a thin asphalt product made of petroleum-based asphalt binders, specialized plastics, and super fine aggregates that is designed to restore the pavement surface as well as protect it against weather and wear. A sealcoating is best for:

  • Parking lots and driveways
  • Fixing minor pavement damage
  • Preventing further damage

Slurry Coating

Slurry coating is a more intense type of surface treatment for damaged pavement, as it has a much thicker consistency, more like a very thin layer of asphalt pavement like used to create the pavement. Slurry coating is recommended for:

  • Higher traffic areas like roadways
  • Correcting more severe pavement issues
  • Adding decades to the life of your pavement

Unlimited Contracting: Howell Township NJ’s Asphalt Resurfacing Company

Need an asphalt sealcoat or slurry coat in Howell Township NJ? Unlimited Contracting LLC is New Jersey’s trusted paving company for all levels of asphalt repairs. With access to the highest quality asphalt products, we can ensure that our repair services keep your pavement looking good for year after year.

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