Best Paving Contractor in Freehold Township NJ

In Freehold Township NJ, Unlimited Contracting LLC is the most trusted paving company because we consistently work with integrity, value our local business and residental owners, and guarantee complete satisfaction on every job. Our experienced paving professionals have worked with both New Jersey commercial property owners and residential homeowners to improve their properties with asphalt paving services.

Superior Asphalt Paving Services in Freehold Township NJ

Lay the Groundwork With a Professional Team
  • All of our paving contractors are insured, and they all have professional industry licensing, giving you the high-quality service and results at a cost that works for your budget.
  • Our primary concern is your complete satisfaction, that’s why we offer a service guarantee with every paving job, no matter the scope of the project.
  • As a family operated and owned company with three generations in the paving industry, we always treat our local customers with the additional care and attention they deserve.

About Historic Freehold Township NJ

A historic township in Monmouth County NJ, Freehold Township is both a regional commercial hub for Central New Jersey and a bedroom community of New York City. As of the 2020 Census, the township had a population of 35,369. It is one of the oldest towns in the state, founded in 1693. The community was designed to be the county seat, and the Monmouth Courthouse was built in 1715, with other government and commercial buildings soon springing up around it. Since that time, the town has steadily grown and evolved to the hub it is today.

If you’re into a piece of history, Freehold Township has something for you. The Monmouth County Historical Association Museum has a lot to offer about the history of the area, going all the way back to the first settlers. The town is proud of its heritage, and contains many historical sites, including houses like the Walker-Combs-Hartshorne Farmstead. The Monmouth Battlefield State Park, which is also in Manalapan Township, combines history and the natural beauty of New Jersey, providing historical knowledge as well as valuable greenspace for city dwellers and visitors alike. Enjoying Freehold Township can be a fun learning experience for all.

New Asphalt Driveway Paving in Freehold NJ

In Freehold NJ, Unlimited Contracting is the paving company that’s most trusted by residential homeowners. Our professional paving contractors care about our neighbors in communities like Freehold NJ, so we strive to pave all driveways with the highest quality asphalt using the latest paving techniques and state of the art equipment.

We recently showed this workmanship to a homeowner in Freehold NJ. They’d seen our trucks doing work around the neighborhood, liked the asphalt driveways and parking areas they saw, and gave our office a call. One of our residential asphalt experts got out to their property right away to see what we could do for them. The assessor noted that the level of the street was higher than the level of the house and garage, contributing to drainage issues.

Their existing driveway wasn’t graded properly, so water was standing on the asphalt and even draining towards their house! This could damage their foundation, so it was important to correct this drainage issue. Our expert paving contractors knew just what to do. We graded the driveway area so that the center was higher and pitched so that water ran off the sides, ensuring that their garage would stay dry. Then we applied commercial-grade asphalt to make their driveway and a small parking area.

Our Freehold NJ homeowner was thrilled with their new asphalt driveway and relieved they hired Unlimited Contracting because they fixed their drainage issues as well as installed a beautiful new driveway.

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner dealing with residential drainage issues or need a new driveway, call Unlimited Contracting today!



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